Monday, April 14, 2008

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Thank you for coming to my blog and reading my first article which will be one of many concerning a recurring problem in our society-- that is the problem of police misconduct. Next to murder, rape and serious crimes of violence, I consider false arrest by law enforcement authorities to be one of the greatest assaults upon an individual and their integrity that can ever occur. First however, I must state that I believe that the majority of law enforcement officers are honest, hard-working and decent people who risk their lives, often doing a job no one else would care to do; further I believe that the vast majority of officers only want to see the best results occur within our criminal justice system. But I also know from 24 years of experience in the legal field that there is a certain thug-like element existing within a number of police forces throughout the country that continually and routinely think nothing of violating the constitutional right of individuals. They think nothing of arresting an individual and bringing a case through the criminal justice system, not because they really believe in the merits of the case, but rather, just to "close the case". When they go to Court and swear under oath to tell the truth, they commit perjury without thinking twice about it. This is simply intolerable in a civilized society.

Many individuals cannot understand the mental torment and anguish that occur to people who have been falsely arrested and imprisoned, even if that period of incarceration only lasts for two to three days. There is no way for someone who has not gone through that experience, to truly feel the fear, the isolation, degradation and complete feeling of helplessness that occurs to people when they have been the victim of a false arrest.
During the course of this blog, we will discuss in more detail what actually is a case of "false arrest" and how it relates to another constitutional rights violation known as "false imprisonment". I will also discuss cases concerning police officers use of "excessive force" against individuals during the course of arrest as well as cases of "malicious prosecution". We will also discuss what is necessary to hold municipal corporations liable for violations of civil rights as well. I hope you will continue to join me on my blog and feel free to become a contributor on any relevant issues that you choose.

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Paul said...

Welcome to the blog world Paul. You site will definitely be an educational experience for all of your readers. Congratulations on your efforts here!